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更新日期 :  Nov 4, 2023        當前版本 :  1.4.0
A role-playing game set in a fantasy world.

The game unfolds in a fantasy world known as "Dawn", where you'll assume the role of a "traveler" who has just arrived in the city of Arcadias.

Starting from here, on this free journey, you'll meet other players. Together, defeat formidable foes, rescue people from the clutches of dark forces, and bring forth the light of dawn to the world!

"Lost Dungeon:The Relic Hunter" is the latest pixel-style adventure RPG game launched by CRAZYMIND.

▶ Five Major Classes
Knight, Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Assassin –
Whether you want to master powerful elemental to defeat enemies from a distance as a Mage or excel at close-quarters combat with daggers as an Assassin, each class has their own unique features, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of treasure hunting!

▶ Dynamic World
Five major chapters, three difficulty levels –
Become a Traveler in the vast fantasy world. Explore endless dungeons with randomly generated chests, monsters, and portals, challenge ruins, defeat formidable enemies, and become the legend in a new chapter!

▶ Unique Equipment
Thousands of equipment, endless combinations –
Choose from over a thousand pieces of equipment with unique prefixes, attributes, and qualities. Customize your equipment to suit your class and play style through refining and engraving!

▶ Random Dungeons
Wormholes, crypts, battlefields, mazes, chaotic towers –
Various gameplay modes of dungeons randomly appear in the world. Take on more challenging dungeons, defeat more powerful bosses, and claim the rewards!

▶ Diverse Gameplay
Team up with other, more fun together,
Not just seeking unique treasures, but also raising your own pet,
Countless ornament, build your own fashion,
To reach the peak, conquer any obstacle.
And dozens of diverse game modes to fulfill your fantasy dream. Let's become the relic hunter together!

安卓模擬器上玩Lost Dungeon:The Relic Hunter手遊電腦版的方法

  • 1下載夜神模擬器至電腦

  • 2執行安裝包並完成安裝

  • 3在模擬器上搜尋Lost Dungeon:The Relic Hunter

  • 4從Play商店裡進行安裝遊戲

  • 5完成安裝後點擊遊戲圖示啟動遊戲

  • 6在電腦上用夜神模擬器暢玩Lost Dungeon:The Relic Hunter




Lost Dungeon:The Relic Hunter的精彩影片

喜歡Lost Dungeon:The Relic Hunter,還在盯著手機的小螢幕嗎?夜神模擬器助你像職業電競選手一般電腦大螢幕觀賞,用鍵盤,滑鼠和手把來全面操控你的遊戲。在電腦上下載,安裝Lost Dungeon:The Relic Hunter並流暢體驗。夜神模擬器讓你免於電量不足,流量消耗以及通話來電時被強行打斷的困擾。最新的夜神安卓模擬器完美相容安卓7,支援99%的安卓手遊,是你在電腦上暢玩安卓手遊及APP的最強助手。我們親自體驗並客製最順手的按鍵設定,讓Lost Dungeon:The Relic Hunter更還原電腦遊戲的操作習慣;比遊戲更懂你。